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"Tribune libre"
Pollution and pedestrianisation. It is not a Parisian problem.
The first issue of pedestrianizing the riverbanks is that of air pollution. It kills, every year, 48 000 people in France. It worsens asthma or respiratory problems, causes (...)
The Tentacular World of the Nazi Camps
KL by Nikolaus Wachsmann. In his book, Nikolaus Wachsmann retraces the history of the horrors of the concentration camps, from the opening of Dachau in March of 1933 to the (...)
Laurent Brun says: “the next phase is privatisation of the SNCF”
The contents of the Spinetta report have “confirmed all the worst fears” of the CGT. In what way do the recommendations contradict the needs of passengers? LB - This report (...)
More then 3 000 Homeless People Counted at Night in the Streets of Paris
On the 30th of January, the secretary of State along with the minister of the territory Cohesion, Julien Denormandie, caused outrage which affected the president of the (...)
International Communist and Labor Press
Spring Festival Gala criticised for ’racist’ blackface sketch
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_... The 2018 Spring Festival Gala screened by state-run broadcaster CCTV last night is facing accusations of racism for an Africa comedy (...)

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