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Washington withdraws Havana from its blacklist of countries supporting terrorism
Pierre Laurent: “Unite behind an alternative plan to exit the crisis”
“Unfortunately, the PS congress is about to embark on a plan of support for government policy which, each day, amplifies the social and political malaise of the country. (...)
Pierre Laurent “We are not condemned to remain deadlocked”
By special correspondent in Vienne. In Poitou-Charentes, a stop on his tour of France, the national secretary of the PCF, Pierre Laurent, believes that, faced with a (...)
The people’s Europe
The editorial of Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin: “In Spain, in Greece like elsewhere, between humiliation suffered and burgeoning social anger, fists continue to clench to say (...)
Growing inequality in developed countries
For thirty years, the income gap has continued to grow between rich and poor in developed countries, according to the latest report of the OECD, published 21 May. In Germany, (...)

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