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Blog of Hervé Fuyet
How about a Plan B!
We have the beginning of a reply to the question posed by the French newspaper l’Humanité, which asks us to come up with new solutions to the crisis of the European Union. (1) (...)
Blog of Hervé Fuyet
Greece : « Popular Unity » was born !
Very interesting development ! We will follow the situation with a lot of attention and keep you and L’Humanité in French informed 1) Greece : « Popular Unity » was born (...)
Figeac Protects the Family Assoiev
The intervention of Francois Hollande has accelerated the deportation proceedings of a couple and their children supported by an entire city. Figeac (Lot), by Special (...)
"It’s time to wake up", Mr Hollande!
“France (will be) at the side of the Greek people”, the Elysée assured the delegation from the Left Front last week when they challenged the president over France’s role in the (...)
NATO The North Atlantic alliance wants to double the size of its rapid reaction force
This week, The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will approve a doubling in size of its rapid reaction force, Jens Stoltenberg, general secretary of the alliance, (...)

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