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International Communist Press
Capitalism is destructive and unsustainable – It needs to be replaced
This article is based on remarks made by the author at the CPUSA National Labor Conference, May 20-21, in Chicago. Several crises of contemporary capitalism have reached or (...)
Over 200 Migrants Lost in the Mediterranean Sea
Two shipwrecks were reported off the coast of Libya on Tuesday, 9 May. They exacted a terrible toll: 11 dead, 230 missing, and 57 survivors.
Future of France’s Front National: Interview with political scientist Jean-Yves Camus
France’s Front National is holding a "refoundation seminar" this weekend [2]. For the political scientist Jean-Yves Camus, it will have a "cathartic function", after (...)
International Communist Press
Hi-tech firms increasingly setting up CPC committees
Bike-sharing firm Ofo recently established its own Communist Party of China (CPC) committee and held its first meeting for its Party member employees, a significant move that (...)
Inequality still rife with one in five children living in poverty
On Thursday, Unicef’s Innocenti Research Centre published a report on the well-being of children in developed countries. France’s results were (...)

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