L'Humanité in English
Translation of selective papers from the french daily newspaper l'Humanité

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The 1,001 births and rebirths of {l’Humanité}
The newspaper celebrates its 115th anniversary with a history punctuated by financial difficulties. Solidarity has helped to overcome those many political and economic (...)
Science & Technology
A Black Hole Emerges At Last from the Darkness
For the first time in the history of Astronomy, a team of scientists revealed, on 10 April, the veritable image of these mysterious celestial (...)
International Communist and Labor Press
Teamwork with Africa sees benefits worldwide,...
Teamwork with Africa sees benefits worldwide, Xi stresses From 曹德胜 CHINADAILY 2 days ago China and Africa’s joint efforts to boost their traditional friendship, enhance (...)
With Emmanuel Macron as President, What to Expect?
To be viewed in retrospect — this contribution to L’Humanité in English by Isabelle Métral, almost two years ago. These predictions were correct. Two quotes from a related (...)
Forty years ago, three friends founded a group that would change the face of Caribbean culture and create a new musical genre, the only one invented in France since the (...)

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