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Bosses’ Proposals: A “Provocation” For Trade Unions
No more holidays, and below-minimum-wage salaries, according to a working document of the MEDEF, the main bosses’ association, that has been published. The French trade unions (...)
Bosses of Biggest French Corporations Bear Up Under Crisis
While on the one hand several studies indicate that the corporations operating in France plan low wage increases next year, lower than the European average, on the other hand (...)
Hollande and the EU : Downright Capitulation, No Renegotiation
The staging was perfect: standing with a grim look in front of the journalists he had ‘urgently’ summoned on Wednesday morning, Finance Minister Michel Sapin delivered a message (...)
Enough is enough! A call for pressure on Israel
"Enough is enough!" shouted Madeleine Rebérioux, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Stephan Hessel and others in December 2001, when Yasser Arafat and Palestinian authority in Ramallah were (...)
From April to June, Dividends Jumped 30%
While the government is imploring companies to invest and to hire, companies are pocketing taxpayer’s money, the better to gratify their (...)

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