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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Santé, un parcours trop cher

by Article paru le 31 octobre 2008

Health in the US: You Bet your Life it’s Expensive

Translated Sunday 2 November 2008, by Jonathan Pierrel

Studies show that Americans are more and more at risk with regards to their health. A great many people postpone necessary treatment: 36%, according to a survey carried out by the Kaiser Family Foundation, against 29% last April. Almost a third of the people surveyed also admitted choosing to overlook health checks or recommended treatments, instead of 24% formerly. The number of medical prescriptions decreased by 0.4% during the second trimester.

Last July, a study by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) showed that 11% of American patients reduced their consumption of prescribed medication. Similarly, hospitals report that the number of people heading to the emergency room is rising. A tendency which is also explained by an increase in the number of people without health insurance.

Unemployment in the United-States has increased from 4.7 % to 6.1% in a year. Many people found themselves without health coverage when losing their job. But they are not the only ones to suffer from the economic stagnation.

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