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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Les calculs sordides et meurtriers de Tel-Aviv

by Pierre Barbancey

Tel Aviv’s Sordid and Murderous Calculations

Translated Saturday 3 January 2009, by Henry Crapo, John O’Neil

Israel’s goal: To bury both the peace process and the creation of an actual Palestinian state; and this, in collusion with Washington, Paris and Brussels.

Israel has unintentionally demonstrated that its occupation of the Palestinian territories is truly the center of the problems in the Middle Eastern area.
Is there any other region in the world where in the space of just a few hours nearly 300 people can be killed in this way? Iraq and Afghanistan are thoroughly defeated. And above all, is there any other country on earth with the audacity to commit such a massacre with the implicit approval of the world’s great powers ?

Why? How?

Who can believe for an instant that the rockets fired by the Palestinian organizations endanger the Israeli state, which is among the five most powerful states on earth ? Moreover, while the bombs were pouring on Gaza this weekend, other rockets were fired. And the death toll: one dead on the Israeli side, more than 280 on the Palestinian side.

If we’re witnessing such unbridled violence from Tel Aviv it’s certainly because victory in the upcoming 10 February legislative elections will be determined by the candidates’ warmongering character. Netanyahu’s Likud Party is turning up the heat. It will take no more than Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who hopes to become Prime Minister, while Defense Minister Ehud Barak is firing up the F-16s’ engines and anxious to test their new deadly weapons. It’s a pitiful Israeli society that approves of this and pushes Livni up in the polls.

The elections don’t explain everything. No more than does the pretence of the rockets. There is a plan, a political ambition, attached to the missiles that are falling on Gaza. The first phase of which is to postpone eternally the creation of an actual Palestinian state by deepening the geographical and political rift between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, between Hamas and the PLO components, beginning with Fatah.

Is it not surprising that the attack comes a day after a new 24 hour truce issued by Hamas, while everyone knows full well that the last salvos launched on Israel were done by groups such as the Islamic Jihad or the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades who are close to Fatah? It is all the more astonishing that Hamas is sensitive to the Palestinian population’s state of mind. That’s what often explains its attitude shifts, its cessation of suicide attacks or truce agreements. Israel does not want peace. It’s not with bombs that one brings about the end of a resistance of a people who have been under occupation for more than forty years.

The Israeli leaders are supported at arm’s length by the US administration and the EU leaders led by Nicolas Sarkozy. All simply because Israel has succeeded in making its presence indispensable in the West’s Middle Eastern strategy by posing as a buffer in the face of a supposed Islamic invasion. The argument’s fallacy matters little especially with the combination of “threats” such as was done between Saddam’s Iraq and Al Qaeda. It allows them to force the acceptance of the idea that Israel’s existence is in danger, to amplify the Jewish state concept , to live down the occupation and to implicitly justify the possession of atomic weapons. Hence, the declarations from Western powers blaming Hamas for the dramatic events of the last few days putting the occupiers and occupied on equal footing while demanding restraint on the part of “both parties.”

In doing so, Israel buries the Palestinian national movement a little more. Demonstrations in the West Bank against the massacre perpetrated in Gaza and the inhumane living conditions which worsen a bit each day are on the rise. This resentment is expressed mainly against the occupier but could also include the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, whose declarations leave everyone perplexed and who seems more and more weakened with the Palestinians as well as on the international scene. The Israelis are letting the situation disintegrate and are waiting for the ripe fruit to fall namely The crushing of Hamas in Gaza and Fatah’s extinction in the West Bank. There will be nothing left but a few tribal chiefs with whom it will be easy to negotiate the allocation of politically and economically meaningless bantustans. The Israeli leaders will then be able to appoint the Israeli Arabs to them, like Tzipi Livni wants.

To have this trick be successful, partners are needed. Israel has found its partners in Washington, Paris, and Brussels.

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