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Delegation of the French Communist Party (PCF)

Translated Wednesday 18 February 2009, by Cynthia McKennon

The PCF has dispatched a delegation to the French West Indies, composed of
Pierre Laurent, national coordinator of the Party, Jean-Louis
Lemoing, member of the National Executive in charge of the Overseas Departments and Territories and Guy Fisher, Communist Senator. The Mission
was in Martinique on Wednesday, and will visit
Guadeloupe in the evening. "Nicolas Sarkozy and his government have
a contemptuous and irresponsible attitude towards the
Caribbean people. How many deaths will it take for Nicolas
Sarkozy to regain his lucidity and finally give satisfaction to the
claims of trade unions? ", states the PCF in its press
The delegation, which will remain until Friday
evening, will meet with political trade union representatives from Martinique and Guadeloupe.

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