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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Une lettre de Salah Hamouri à l’Humanité

by Salah Hamouri

A Letter from Salah Hamouri to l’Humanité

Translated Tuesday 25 August 2009, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Palestine. The young Franco-Palestinian prisoner in Israel has managed to write to us from his prison cell. We publish his letter here in its entirety.

Dear friends, dear comrades, dear fighters for liberty and solidarity,

After the written request by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy to the Israeli prime minister concerning my anticipated liberation, I wish to speak on several points.

The Israeli minister of the interior Eli Ishay considers that the request by Mr. Sarkozy is insolent.

If one knows a bit of contemporary Israeli history, one must recall Plato Sharon, a Franco-Israeli who was mixed up in dubious business dealings in France. He avoided extradition from Israel to France, where he was to be judged and imprisoned, because he managed to become deputy to the Israeli parliament, in that instance also after dubious financial transactions that cost him several months in prison.

In Israel, there is justice of two brands: for Jews and for Arabs.

In 2001, an Israeli colonizer, Nahum Korman, beat to death an 11 year-old Palestinian child, Hilmi Shosha, in the Hebron region.

After a plea-bargaining Korman was condemned to six months of labor in the public interest. The message is clear: the Israeli can kill Palestinians with impunity.

For Mr. Ishay, nothing insolent in that. Does the destruction of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem constitute insolence? Or the continuation of colonization, the theft of Palestinian land?

Of course I would like to be liberated, to join my family circle again, but I wish above all for a European decision truly to defend the Palestinians, victims of an occupation that has already lasted 61 years. This means also a French position that respects and defends the legitimate right of Palestinians to live in dignity and in peace in a free state.

is this demand also insolent?

Salah Hamouri, Guilbia prison, section 1, 11 August 2009.

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