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by Maurice Ulrich’s Daily Ticket

A Curse

Translated Monday 19 October 2009, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Isabelle Métral

It begins to resemble a scenario of the type The Ten Commandments, when 10 plagues descend on Egypt. The scabies, that ancient malady seems to have stricken, like a curse, three Republican Guards at the presidential palace!

It’s because of the conditions in which they live, these elite gendarmes of the Republic, conditions that they themselves have described in a letter addressed to the news agency AFP [1]: "The plaster walls are falling to pieces, the seats that the guards salvaged from the trash heap of the Elysée Palace don’t have seats any more ... Every day we have to accomplish our mission with the ridiculous equipment, obsolete material, worn out, and this in the fear of sanctions, and with complete lack of recognition..."

That’s all we needed. Behind the stage setting, the sordid among the gold. The ten plagues of Egypt set themselves against the obstinacy of the Pharaoh, jealous of his powers, of his dynasty, of his heirs. But the people murmured, the high priests were in doubt.

The Senators are nervous, and their president Gérard Larcher, issues a warning: "In the Senate, we are sometimes for rather wise measures." The former grand minister Raffarin sees "disquiet" in the ranks supporting the regime and demands a bit of order. After the curse of the scabies, what follows? Soon a rain of frogs in the Elysian gardens, or a big slap in the face in the regional elections?

[1Agence France Presse

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