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by Maurice Ulrich

Say It Isn’t True!

Translated Tuesday 15 December 2009, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Maurice Ulrich’s "Billet" for 14 Dec 2009

We’re waiting for a denial. Perhaps it’s just a crude deception. A video clip attributed to the UMP [1] is circulating on the internet. The accompanying hilarity is nation-wide. Actors imitating political leaders from the presidential circle dance about in a way more suggestive of the dance of the ducks than of Swan Lake. Their deliberately grotesque roles are intended to remove any hint of credit to be given to the words of the anachronistic song, If We Want to Change the World. [2].

The trick is so well constructed that a false Rachida Dati can sing "We hear the thunder of a coming revolt", that a false Jean-Pierre Raffarin can express his wish "for a new society", and the stand-in for Eric Woerth can wish "to live love and nourish hope".

Despite this, other leaders of the UMP (Jean-François Copé, Yves Jego, Christian Estrosi) were trapped by the rip-off, believing it to be authentic, and took distance from the supposed authors of the clip. Luc Ferry, himself, also trapped, found the clip "enough to make you vomit". Well, that’s said.

But there’s still a shadow of a doubt, come to think of it. And if it were for real?

[1Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, political party organized to support the candidacy of Jacques Chirac for French president in 2002.

[2Si nous voulons changer le monde, by Luc Plamondon, in 1976

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