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by Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin

Scandals of State(s)

Influenza A: "They Organized the Psychosis"

Translated Monday 11 January 2010, by Leslie Thatcher (www.truthout.org) and reviewed by Henry Crapo

And what if financial waste were to become a scandal of state ... and of many states? By dint of retracing the trail of the anti-influenza A shots, the debate over public policies during a pandemic is being utterly transformed into a vast denunciation of the collusion between laboratories and governments. We hardly doubt that, secretly, while laying low in the shadows, lobbyists did whatever necessary to convince decision makers to buy their vaccinations in massive quantities. Did these servants of the great trusts direct, and in consequence, manipulate the conditions of purchase? The troubling facts that we are publishing [see below] contain that which should arouse our most intense scrutiny. Our questions, moreover, are now shared ... and not by just anybody! The Council of Europe’s Health Commission, no less, has, in fact, just voted for an official investigation to evaluate the influence of pharmaceutical groups on governments’ and even the World Health Organization’s choices ...

France is on the front line. And for good reason. Since she’s been in office, [French Minister of Health] Mrs. Bachelot and the members of her office, frequently accused of collusion with business circles, have rarely been short of any zeal in rolling out the red carpet for the medicine men listed on the stock exchange. Favoring "complete-vaccination," a variant of Sarkozyist "complete-security," France consequently purchased - without any transparency - far more doses of vaccine than did comparable countries. Moreover, since the summer, the government has been lying to us: the official cost, 869 million euros, is nothing but the tip of the iceberg, to which must be added the purchase of masks, publicity costs and also the exorbitant amount of expenses contributed by local governments, hospitals etc.: probably over 2 billion euros in all! Even the independence of the Groupe d’expertise et d’information sur la grippe [Group for Flu Appraisal and Information] (Geig), an official body of the Ministry of Health, arouses indignation: it is 100 percent financed by five laboratories ...

Ninety-four million doses for five million people who chose to be vaccinated: cherchez the blooper! After having conducted the matter like a Napoleonic battle, the government beats a retreat to the point of negotiating (on what conditions?) the cancellation of half the order for vaccines ... At the hour of reckoning, a wind of panic blows through the Palace. For who will have benefited from this collective hysteria? The laboratories, obviously: spending 870 millions euros on four of them was no longer a precautionary principle, but a veritable financing plan!

The main beneficiaries? GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Novartis et Sanofi-Aventis: over a billion euros of additional revenues in the fourth quarter for the GSK, between 350 and 500 millions for the two others ... Not only did the organized psychosis fill their coffers, but governments, transformed into super-sales-reps, are taking responsibility for assuring their products’ resale! In a global market estimated at 600 billion dollars (it has doubled in ten years), everyone will have understood that for the laboratories the stakes resemble a trade war in which anything is allowed. Who will still dare to say that public control over these private mastodons is not an absolute necessity? The French Parliament would do well to provide itself with a commission of inquiry. And soon.

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