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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Burqa. prudence chez les religieux

Religious leaders prudent on burka.

Translated Monday 1 February 2010, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Gene Zbikowski

The French Council of the Muslim Faith, which was consulted by the parliamentary mission, has stated that it is opposed to a general law on the full facial veil, while recognizing the necessity of being able to check women’s identities in public services. Mohammed Moussaoui, the chairman of the Council, said that “a regulatory mechanism concerning the precise places is possible, understandable and reasonable.”

France’s other religious authorities were careful not to express a public opinion on the subject, but regret all the same that they have not been consulted.

The Catholic and Protestant communities are little inclined to a law which, they say, would weaken moderate Islam and benefit the radicals. Gilles Bernheim, the chief rabbi of France, said he does not feel it is his role to speak on the subject, and preferred not to take an official position.

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