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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Que devient le « modèle britannique »  ?

by anonymous

What Has Become of the “British Model?”

Translated Monday 17 May 2010, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Gene Zbikowski

A summary of the facts.

Nearly a week after the British elections, and after much negotiating, a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is now in the driver’s seat. David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the leaders of the two parties, who until now have doggedly fought one another, are now respectively Prime Minister and deputy prime minister. Tony Blair’s New Labour performed the feat of prolonging Margaret Thatcher’s policies for thirteen years while giving them a popular and modernist tint. New Labour has now relinquished power, leaving the country devastated socially and racked by a serious economic crisis. Where is the “British model” headed? In France, it left politicians from Ségolène Royal to Nicolas Sarkozy swooning. On the initiative of Keith Dixon, professor of British civilization, and with the support of the people’s university of Lyons, the professors at the Triangle laboratory of Lyons II University organized a conference and debate on this theme on May 3. For l’Humanité, they have written up a synopsis of their debates.

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