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The Offshore Godsend

Translated Sunday 12 September 2010, by Nikita Shah and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Europe which (Norway included) produces around 208 million tons of oil, is on the alert since the Deepwater Horizon accident. In May, the European Commission ordered a general check-up of its offshore drilling rigs, summoning twelve oil companies, 12 member states, as well as Norway and the Faroe Islands. From this meeting emerged a policy advocating a review of the security systems, emergency measures, and statutory laws. It is far from a moratorium, as has been adopted in the United States, notably in Alaska. It’s toward the polar regions that all heads are turned. The Arctic hosts 13 per cent of the world’s untouched oil reserves – a godsend when the EU is authorising its deepest drilling. Soon we are talking of a drill at least 4,000 metres deep, close to Greenland. It would be a world record. Including in terms of the depth of fears that it will arouse.

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