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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Circulaire sur les roms : le cabinet d’Eric Besson savait

by Frédéric Mazéas

Ministerial Circular on Roma Was No Secret For Immigration Minister Eric Besson’s Personal Staff

Translated Sunday 19 September 2010, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Gene Zbikowski

The top deputy on the minister’s personal staff received an e-mail inviting him to the meeting where the ministerial circular stigmatizing the Roma was drafted.

Eric Besson continues his denials. On Europe 1 radio on the morning of Sept. 15, the Immigration Minister was categorical. “Neither me, nor my personal staff have been associated with the drafting of this ministerial circular.” The problem is that the Canard enchaîné, the satirical weekly newspaper, published on Sept. 15. a reproduction of an e-mail sent on August 3 by the counselor in charge of security questions on the personal staff of the Interior Minister to administration members. On the agenda: the first meeting of the “cell for the nation-wide coordination of the struggle against illegal camps.” The first name on the list of addressees? Lucien Giudicelli, the top deputy on Eric Besson’s personal staff.

In addition to the e-mail, the Canard enchaîné states that a copy was addressed to his personal secretariat to attend the meeting the following day at Place Beauvau (headquarters of the Interior Ministry) at 5 p.m. The ministerial circular, signed by the Minister of the Interior on August 5, ordered that “300 illicit camps or settlements are to have been evacuated within three months, those of the Roma on a priority basis.” These words have resulted in attacks on the government from all directions, including the European Commission.

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