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by Anonymous

Events of the Day

Translated Friday 22 October 2010, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Events of the Day, in Tuesday’s Strike Movement

Seine-et-Marne, 5h (5 o’clock AM),

Some 150 persons created a human chain of citizens at the entrance to the refinery in Grandpuits, in order to prevent the entry of non-striking workers, non-requisitioned persons.

— Bordeaux-Mérignac. 5h30.

About 500 demonstrators from the CGT, FO, FSU, SUD, and CNT blocked access to the airport. The operation of blockage continued all morning.

— Nord, 7h.

Demonstrators, railway workers, truckers set up filtering roadblocks along arteries and at traffic circles leading to the regional transport center of Lesqun, an important platform for transport and logistics in the Lille region, between the autoroutes A1 and A23. "We don’t want to take the economy hostage, but we have to toughen the message," explains Fabien Tosolini, delegate of the railway workers section of the CFDT.

— Seine-et-Marne, 7h30.

Access to the Total refinery in Grandpuits was still stopped by a roadblock, but a certain number of requisitioned strikers recommenced work in order to furnish fuel for public health services and for security.

— Bouches-du-Rhône, 7h50.

Truckers set up, at the request of the CFDT, a "snail’s-pace" operation on the autoroute A7, slowing traffic between Les Pennes-Mirabeau and Marseille. The operation lasted for something over an hour.

— Le Mans, 9h.

After several days of action, militants of the CGT installed a roadblock on the RN10 linking Le Mans to Paris, in addition to the blockade of the Socamaine provisioning center, which provides goods for the main stores of the region.

— Paris, 9h.

"I give a cry of alarm, because we don’t have the means today, with the economic crisis we are experiencing (...), to be able to support strikes that last a long time," reacted the president of the CGPME (General Confederation of Small and Medium Businesses.

— Bassens, 9h30.

About 80 demonstrators blocked the Ambès petroleum depot at Bassens, in the Gironde, which furnished fuel for 13 departments of the South-West.

— Paris, 10h.

The highway transporters warn against a shortage of fuel. Jean-Paul Deneuville, general delegate of the FNTR (National Federation of Highway Transport, predicts a "difficult weekend".

— Paris, 10h54.

Nicolas Sarkozy announces that he will take measures against the blockage of refineries and in order to "guarantee order", all the while calling for a sense of "responsibility".

— Marseille, 13h.

Nine municipal offices, of some 23 offices in the locality, were closed. Trash collection was interrupted in more than 2/3 of neighborhoods, 50% of the child-care centers and a majority of school cafeterias were closed.

— Toulouse, 13h.

Students at the University of Arts and Letters, Toulouse-Mirail voted in general assembly to block the establishment in order to protest against the reform of the system of retirement.

— Bassens, 14h.

Unblocking of the petroleum depot for the Gironde by the CRS, without incident.

— Paris, 16h.

At the close of their meeting with the prime minister, distributors announced that they will "jointly manage their reserve stocks" and "put new means of transport into service" in order to provide fuel for service stations and to "normalize the situation in coming days".

— Paris, 17h30.

Crisis meeting at the Elysée, with several ministers of the government.

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