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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Trois remarques en marge du procès DSK par Patrick Apel-Muller

by Patrick Apel-Muller

Three comments from the wings on the DSK trial

Translated Monday 23 May 2011, by Kristina Wischenkamper and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Dominique Strauss-Kahn will now be able to prepare his defence. He faces seven serious accusations, and is liberated under strict surveillance. Cameras will film him 24/7 and only four people can visit at any one time. The American legal system has shown itself: it takes 1 million dollars in cash and 5 million in guarantee to get you out of the hell of Riker’s Island jail. You had better not be a pizza delivery man in the Bronx if you are brought before New York judges ... Even if it turns out that the IMF chief is guilty of a crime – rape – we can only rejoice that he can exercise his right to defend himself against litigation with dignity.

There can be no excuses for the arrogance of class and gender in some of the comments we have heard. When Jack Lang defends his friend by saying "no one has died" and Jean-François Kahn believes it was simply "the skirt-lifting of a house-maid" the contempt of class and machismo go unchecked. This case should lead to both of them being outlawed.

For his newsround’s first edition David Pujadas, in pursuit of ratings, postponed his invitation to Marine Le Pen. Instead he invited Ivan Rioufol of the Figaro, Franz-Olivier Giesbert of le Point and Nouvel Observateur’s Laurent Joffrin alongside an Anglo-Saxon journalist and Hélène Jouan of France Inter. The former, speaking as the government press, tried to cast the Socialist party as immoral ... In the hope of burying the evening at Fouquet’s, the holiday on Vincent Bolloré’s yacht, the stay on the Bush ranch, the bling-bling, the tax shield, our pensions stolen and our wages wrung dry. Big on strings to pull, short on ideas! The left will only make it out of this trap if it frees itself from the myth – a dangerous one as we have seen – of the providential man, of submission to the dogmas of globalization and "liberal realism". No journalist from l’Humanité – banned from France 2’s airwaves for nearly four years now – had been invited. Public broadcasters march to the drum of the establishment. Like France 5’s « C dans l’air », which reserves the same fate for l’Humanité.

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