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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Jean-Luc Mélenchon monte au front face à Marine Le Pen

by staff, l’Humanité

Jean-Luc Mélenchon Steps Up Front Against Marine Le Pen

Translated Friday 20 January 2012, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Bill Scoble

The vote of workers and employees is not the property of Marine Le Pen.
This is the message that Jean-Luc Mélenchon delivered on Wednesday night to 2500 people present at a meeting of the Front de Gauche in Metz.

The message was taken seriously by the National Front candidate, who for once attacked this subject head-on. The spokesman for the far right responded Thursday morning on i-TELE: "He is playing with dynamite. It is not by insulting me that he will attract the votes of workers. It shows no understanding of the workers’ values."

Wednesday night, the candidate of the Left Front came to a Zenith meeting hall packed to bursting — the very hall in which Le Pen had previously struggled to attract a thousand listeners. During his press briefing before the public speech, Jean-Luc Mélenchon called for a start to the "clean-up operation against the alleged presence of FN among the workers and employees." "Do not abandon yourselves to the party of hate (...) Do not let yourselves be divided according to your religion, your color, or the land of ​​your ancestors," he urged.

Fundamentally, he attacked the social posture of Marine Le Pen, whose liberal agenda has nothing to do with her promises made via the media. "She is fiercely opposed to rent control. (...) She says that we must develop new sales tax revenue."

"Solutions no one believes in"

Referring to the top four candidates in the polls, the candidate of the shared program of the Left denounced "three candidates who compete in evoking blood and tears": Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and François Bayrou, lawyers of harshness and austerity, in his opinion. "Those who do not want them are invited to hand their fate to a semi-demented person who provides solutions in which no one can believe," he added, referring to Marine Le Pen.

This latter candidate preferred to retain, this Thursday morning, only one little phrase, modifying it slightly. "What worries me is the use of "political cleansing"(sic), which disturbingly brings to mind "ethnic cleansing", while Mr. Mélenchon has behind him ultra-violent troops, who have, since the beginning of the campaign, prevented me by force from holding my political meetings," she said.

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