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No sanction against Serge Letchimy after his denunciation of Claude Guéant

Translated Sunday 19 February 2012, by Kristina Wischenkamper and reviewed by Henry Crapo

MP Serge Letchimy (affiliated to the Parti Socialiste) will not be penalized for the remarks he made concerning Claude Guéant a week ago. The announcement came midday Tuesday from Leftist MPs after a meeting of the National Assembly Commission responsible for deciding on further action.

The Martinique MP’s virulent attack against the hierarchization of "civilizations" advocated by the Minister of the Interior last week thus finds a certain approval.

A blow to the government and Guéant

For the government, which had walked out of the Assembly while Serge Letchimy was delivering his text, this comes as a second defeat in a matter of hours. As on Monday evening when the Finance Committee voted against the social VAT, the representatives of the majority were in fact once again in the minority at the Assembly’s Commission meeting this morning, which, when fully attended, has 22 members (12 Right and Centre and 10 Left).

A the very least, one might discern a certain lack of enthusiasm amongst UMP ministers in supporting their colleague Claude Guéant. Unless, of course, their absence reflects an opposition to the strategy of Nicolas Sarkozy and Claude Guéant of poaching votes from the Far Right.

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