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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: "La rivière est un fleuve"

by Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin

"The River has become a Torrent"

Translated Friday 6 April 2012, by Kristina Wischenkamper and reviewed by Bill Scoble


"The river has broken its banks and, no matter what happens, the flood will not recede any time soon."

No one can better express what we all felt after the huge meeting of the Left Front on Tuesday evening in Lille than did Jean-Luc Mélenchon himself with these words. Those who know the city and saw the crowds thronging towards the Grand Palais will never stop recounting the immensity of this triumphant moment and the imprint it will leave on us all who have the same appetite for keeping open the book of memory for its retelling. Thousands of people gathered inside and outside the hall that was no longer a single hall, overflowing onto the forecourt, into the streets, outnumbering the wildest imaginings of the organizers themselves, staggering even those police officers present, forced, by the sheer reality of events, to admit that there were at least "20,000 people" ... That’s right.

What is unfolding before our eyes — eyes shining with emotion — is not an unfathomable mystery. It is neither by chance nor by force that the momentum of the Left Front and its excellent presidential candidate are pushing back the boundaries that have held us kettled for so long
 and to which some had stopped resisting. In Lille, here as elsewhere, time and again you have to witness it to believe it, this political, combattive and inspiring ambition of all these people converging, here at this meeting, with open arms, ready together to take up the long and beautiful collective struggle, all 
trained on the same and single goal: a civic uprising ignited by the symbolic retaking of the Bastille and one which won’t now stop at Spring. Having turned the page of humiliations suffered, these citizens are no longer marching alone.
 Nor will they ever forget. Not only are their ideas progressing quickly, very quickly, but those in power
 and those who direct them know, from this moment on, that the strength of the people denies them the right to think in their place ...

We felt it coming, and now it is here: the uprising has begun. Observers would do well to recognize that a popular momentum has overtaken the campaign. Some do. But not all. Yesterday, searching the confined spaces of their brains for "the buzz" to be had from Lille, some of the Editocracy could only come up Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s comments concerning the Socialist Jérome Cahuzac - who wholly deserves to be publicly reprimanded a hundred times over for his lack of respect and his superior airs! "A change of policy", reiterated our pitiful thinkers. Well let them think on this: Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the leaders of the Left Front 
make no mistake: there is a sizeable difference between those with whom they compete (the Socialists) and those whom they oppose
 (and Right and its Extreme Right). However, this doesn’t stop us affirming, as Pierre Laurent did in Lille that "We are not the Socialists’ support vehicle. We are becoming the driving force of the Left!" 

This simple truth seems to be disturbing more than a few. With every advance the Left Front makes, the balance of power between the Left and the Right shifts ... And it shifts in favour of the Left, of course!

So what next? Watch closely and see all these citizens becoming disseminators of
 ideas and debate. Watch them rise up, grow, learn from each other to live as brothers and sisters in a new Republic. Watch this movement of hope that defies the imagination ... Like it or not, the Left Front is a force without walls or barriers: why set it limits? The river has become a torrent. Already.

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