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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Ce que veulent les patrons du CAC40 pour la présidentielle

by anonymous

What the bosses of the top 40 French companies want.

Translated Saturday 28 April 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Bill Scoble

Two days before the first round of presidential elections, 25 bosses of major corporations have published, under the aegis of the Institut de l’entreprise, a “manifesto.” The twelve proposals put forward by the leaders among the top 40 companies are so violent and unfair that every worker should take them as a plea to vote for the Front de Gauche.

Here are three of the proposals to give you the gist of the document:

* Freeze the general measures for wage hikes in the civil service.

* Reduce the price of labor by transferring part of employers’ social security contributions to taxes on households.

* Make the conditions imposed by labor contracts less stringent in times of crisis.

This is what they call “reshaping the social contract.”

According to Xavier Huillard (who received a 1.6-million-euro salary in 2010), the president of the Institut de l’entreprise, who published these proposals and who is also the CEO of Vinci, “well-being, living well, jobs, social protection and social cohesion are more than ever inextricably linked to the performance” of companies. This is “what is at stake during the next president’s term in office,” he pointed out, in all seriousness.

In the list of signers there are the names of other famous employers and heads of the top 40 companies listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Among others, François Pérol (BPCE) who makes 1.2 million euros after having tripled his salary in 2011, Denis Kessler (Scor) who made over 2.2 million euros last year, Philippe Houze (Galeries Lafayette) and Gérard Mestrallet (GDF Suez) who treated himself to an annual salary of a little over 3.3 million euros.

“The stronger we are at the ballot box, the stronger you will be at work!”

Recall, on this subject, an excerpt from Jean-Lux Mélenchon’s speech Thursday evening at the Porte de Versailles:

“A useful vote, for oneself and for the whole of Europe, is a vote for the Front de gauche. And the size of the Front de gauche vote is an indicator of fear on the right! And the more the right is frightened, they more they let loose! The stronger we are at the ballot box, the stronger you will be at work. When you’re on the left and you enter the government, you begin by increasing the wages of those at the bottom. Because mere survival is not the only goal for life! Everywhere in Europe, life expectancy is falling! Here in France, good-health life expectancy has fallen by a year! That is the track record of Sarkozy and the running dogs of capitalism!”

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