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Dominique de Villepin "startled" by the Sarkozy campaign

Translated Monday 30 April 2012, by Richard Bach and reviewed by Henry Crapo

The former Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin has said he is "startled" by the campaign of President-candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and his "pledge to extremism", in an article published on Friday in Lemonde.fr. He finds that “the first round campaign was poor. The second round campaign is becoming despicable."

"Cease fire! (...) The red lines of the French Republic are crossed one to one", exclaimed de Villepin, who failed in his own bid to become president. "Politicians are constantly widening the gap between their words and deeds, feeding rage and disillusionment. The Front National is the product of this widespread deception," continued Jacques Chirac’s former Prime Minister in an article published on Lemonde.fr. "It is my duty as a responsible politician to take hold of my Gaullist legacy, and talk about the deadly poison that is threatening the right: the denial of its values and the sacrifice of our identity."

He concluded: "My role is not to say who to vote for, because everyone must take responsibility for their actions," and he says that after the second round, "it will be necessary to come together to act. For that reason, I will commit myself to the rebuilding of our country."

Renaud Muselier, who was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs when Dominique de Villepin was Prime Minister, rises to denounce the Le Monde article written by the former Prime Minister. He mocks de Villepin’s "bitter arrogance" and considers him to be "blinded by hatred" of Nicolas Sarkozy. "It’s been a while since we have heard Dominique de Villepin express an opinion. After failing to collect 500 sponsors for the presidential election, he would have done better to stay walled up in his bitter arrogance," said M . Muselier in a statement. According to UMP deputy, former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac is "blinded by hatred" of Nicolas Sarkozy and "caricatures" his words. "I was beside this man when he was the voice of France to the United Nations", said Renaud Muselier, referring to Dominique de Villepin’s speech against the Iraq war in February 2003. "I did not think that he would consider it worthy to enter with the pack in the hunt for Nicolas Sarkozy", he asserts, noting that he would "love to hear him speak with the same verve about the demagogic and populist remarks" of Jean-Luc Melenchon (Front de Gauche).

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