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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Vassilis Moulopoulos « Il faut une alliance à gauche»

by F. P.

Vassilis Moulopoulos: “An Alliance on the Left is Needed.”

Translated Tuesday 8 May 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Interview with the deputy for Athens, who is a member of the Syriza party.

The economic crisis has completely redefined Greek politics. According to the opinion polls, Syriza will get at least 10% of the vote. What’s your take on these developments?

Vassilis Moulopoulos. Pasok and New Democracy, the two parties which have governed in the course of the past 40 years, are collapsing. This upheaval, which will probably be confirmed on May 6, is going to accelerate after May 6. That’s why they don’t want these elections. They can’t hold on with measures, memorandums. In these conditions, for the first time in 40 years, the left is at the front of the political scene. According to the opinion polls, there’s strong demand for a left government. Syriza is proposing a front, a political and social alliance among all the parties on the left and those forces which, faithful to socialist ideology, free themselves. I think that, after the elections, with the transformation of Greek politics, this proposal for coalition will be reinforced.

How is this to be done, since some, like the KKE (the Greek Communist Party) have rejected a left coalition government?

Vassilis Moulopoulos. The leadership of the KKE has chosen to remain absent from political developments. However, after the elections, the situation is going to be different – the people will be the main actor and they’ll demand a labor front against the capital front. Historically, upheavals only occur when such fronts have been built. The KKE leadership will then have to choose between following the popular current and marginalizing themselves.

The far right’s making progress. Is this worrisome?

Vassilis Moulopoulos. We know that the forces of the far right grow in periods of regression and of ethical and social disarray. We’re fighting them because fascism and Nazism are the last recourse of the oligarchy, of capital, when they see that they’re collapsing. Today, the crushing defeat of Pasok has forced them to set an agenda for electoral purposes in which the themes are law and order. In reality, they’ve been tagging along behind Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn – ultra far right) and now they’re moaning about the growth of that movement. And yet, with the measures they’ve taken and the strategies they’ve adopted, they’ve incubated the egg from which this serpent hatched.

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