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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Grèce: Syriza toujours haut dans les sondages

by S.G.

Greece: Syriza Still Leading In Polls

Translated Monday 4 June 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Henry Crapo

A new opinion poll published on May 30 shows Syriza leading again in the June 17 legislative elections in Greece.

According to the VPRC polling institute, in a poll done for Epikaira magazine, the radical Coaltion of the Left will get 30% of the vote, as against 26.5% for the conservatives of New Democracy.

One contradictory opinion poll comes after another – an earlier poll by the GPO institute, published a few hours before, put New Democracy, which supports the European financial bailout plans, slightly ahead of Syriza. But Alixis Tsipras’ movement remains a leader among Greek voters.

This is a considerable accomplishment at a time when pressure is growing in Europe to push Greek voters to cast their ballots for parties, such as New Democracy or PASOK, that do not reject the memorandum and the accompanying austerity imposed by the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the European Union.

French president François Hollande hoped on the evening of May 30 that “the Greeks will choose Europe” in the June 17 elections. His remarks followed those of German chancellor Angela Merkel last week, and of Green Party politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit and IMF head Christine Lagarde last weekend.

“The Greeks must be confronted with their responsibilities. Beware! What you decide on June 17 is going to have consequences, for you and for us,” the French president stated on the France 2 television network.

For his part, Alexis Tsipras has announced that he wants Greece to stay in the euro zone, while desiring “the end of the memorandum.”

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