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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Le PC israélien dénonce une guerre annoncée

by David Courbet

Israeli Communist Party Condemns War Plans

Translated Thursday 23 August 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Bill Scoble

Whereas the right-wing government is seriously envisaging a military attack on Iran, the communists protest against the unprecedented rising peril.

In naming Avraham Dichter, former boss of Shin Beth, the Israeli internal security agency, to the post of minister for passive defense, the Israeli government is making more and more plausible the specter of a conflict with Iran. Dichter, a partisan of tough diplomacy regarding the Iranian nuclear affair, shares the idea that Israel “must equip itself with [additional] attack capacity.” On August 15, his predecessor declared outright that the country “has prepared the scenario for a 30-day, multi-front war,” whose outcome could cause some 500 deaths, “or even more, or fewer.” The message has the merit of being clear.

This warlike escalation, which has been initiated by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, is not shared by all of civil society. The Israeli Communists have launched an appeal for a mobilization in order to thwart the possibility of a war with Iran, “which would sow destruction and chaos in Israel.” Whereas the country is facing large social movements, they maintain that “beyond the ravages that it will cause, a regional war will be prejudicial to the struggle for change and social justice.” And it would delay still more the question of a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The progressives favor the use of diplomacy. They encourage the parties to sign a general accord on demilitarization under the authority of the United Nations, a demilitarization to be set up on the basis of the Arab peace initiative signed in Beirut in 2002. It would be necessary for Israel to deign to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Even though Washington claims to “have an eye” on the Iranian nuclear program, for the moment the United States does not want to give in to the Zionist sirens. The boss of the Pentagon, Leon Panetta, reaffirmed on August 14 that there was “still room for negotiations,” while saying that the U.S. is ready to intervene militarily against Iran “as a last resort.” Thus a sudden U-turn cannot be excluded.

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