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by Clotilde Mathieu

Unemployment Shoots Up

Translated Saturday 1 September 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Bill Scoble

In July, the number of jobless jumped by 41,300.

This has not been seen since the 2009 recession! In July, the size of the rise in joblessness, which continued for the 15th straight month, surprised everyone.

Just in the “A” category, which corresponds to job-seekers who have no economic activity, there was a 1.4% (41,300 people) increase compared to June, and a year-on-year rise of over 8%. There are now 3,232,000 people in the “A” category, and over 5,000,000 people on the Pôle emploi rolls in all.

The rise in joblessness is affecting everybody. The under-25s and the over-50s remain the most affected. An additional 10,000 young people registered on the Pôle emploi rolls, all categories combined (up 1.4% over the previous month, and a 6.7% rise year on year).

The increase is even more marked among the long-term unemployed (those out of work for three years or more), with a 1.9% increase over the previous month, and a 21.8% rise year on year. Thus, 468,500 people have been looking for a job for over three years in mainland France, and 1.7 million people have been on the jobless rolls for at least a year.

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