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by Adrien Rouchaleou

CGT Opposes European Budget Pact

Translated Tuesday 25 September 2012, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Derek Hanson

Like the European Trade Union Confederation, the CGT officially opposes ratification of the treaty.

The treaty “would give austerity policies untouchable status as the only means of reaching the objective of stabilizing public finances” and “would have direct consequences in the social domain.” The CGT’s position, made public on Sept. 7 by its executive commission, is in harmony with that of Bernard Thibault, the general secretary – who, in late August, had already made his opposition to the treaty known – and also with the position that the European Trade Union Confederation (of which the CGT is a member) unanimously adopted in late January. Like the ETUC, and “when a debate on the new European treaty has finally begun in France,” the CGT expresses “its resolute opposition to any ratification, in any form whatsoever,” and calls for a mobilization around a petition.

“The European peoples don’t need more discipline. On the contrary, they yearn for greater solidarity,” the CGT said. According to the CGT, “the logic of reducing deficits at a forced march, and the punitive mechanism of this treaty would plunge the European Union into prolonged stagnation” and labor alone, or practically alone, would bear the costs. As an example, the CGT says that if the treaty had been in force, the government would not have been able to decide on a partial return to retirement at age 60.

The CGT believes that, on the contrary, it is necessary to “embark on policies that prioritize human development and shore up purchasing power and job creation, in order to breathe new life into economic development,” by putting an end to the rivalry among European countries. The CGT demands renegotiation of the European treaties and adoption of a social clause.

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