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Poverty worries adults and scares children

Translated Saturday 29 September 2012, by Charlotte Foyle and reviewed by Bill Scoble

More than a third of French people (37%) claim to have experienced living in poverty at some point in their lives; that is two percent more than last year according to the sixth edition of the barometer Ipsos Secours Populaire on instability that was presented on Monday.

If 44% say they have never been in such a situation, 19% claim to have been ‘on the brink of living’ in poverty, without having actually reached that point.

Worried about the future, a large majority (85%) of these adults consider the risks of their children one day living in poverty to be higher than the risks for themselves. Of this majority, 55% believe the risks are indeed much higher. Only 11% consider the risks to be lower.

For 91% of French people, having significant difficulties in obtaining healthy and balanced foods on a regular basis constitutes living poverty.

But not being able to send your children on holiday at least once a year or not being able to have access to luxuries or cultural and recreational activities for yourself and your family also constitute living in poverty for 73% and 74% of French people respectively.

58% of children fear one day becoming poor

For surveys, the necessary minimum wage for a single person not to be considered as poor in France lies at 1,062 Euros, although this is above the official poverty line (954 Euros according to INSEE).

More precisely, 37% believe this minimum wage to be ‘more than a thousand Euros’, 30% estimate it at a thousand Euros, 12% of people interviewed consider it to be fewer than 800 Euros and 17% believe it to be ‘between 800 and 999 Euros’.

The survey was carried out via telephone between 6th and 9th July and was made up of 1,012 people representative of the French population from the age of 15 and above via a method of quota sampling. In addition, in another survey carried out online between 4th and 12th July consisting of 500 children between the ages of 8 and 14, 58% claim to be scared of being poor one day.

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