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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Fidan Dogan, la parole d’une progressiste

by interview in "Avant-garde"

Fidan Dogan, the voice of a progressive

Translated Saturday 12 January 2013, by Henry Crapo

Last June, "Avant-garde" published an interview with Fidan Dogan, who was murdered in a cowardly way, yesterday, in Paris.} Extracts of the interview.

The complete text of the interview is available here.

Hum: How can you explain this deployment of force and the heaviness of this repression, while the Kurdish organisations are demanding a peaceful political resolution of the conflict?

Fidan Dogan: The PKK has called a dozen times for a cease-fire. But the Turkish response has always been military. The PKK wants a peaceful resolution of the conflict, and does not call for independence. It proposes a democratic autonomy in the region. The respect of cultural and political rights, and education in the mother tongue (...) But you have to realize that Kurdistan is a region rich in oil, water, and gas. Economically, it is an essential region, and the occidental great powers are allied with Turkey for that reason. The Kurds and their combat to defend their rights are victims of the economic interests of those countries.

In France, we live the same political life as in Turkey. France is opposed to the entry of Turkey to the European Union, but, in order to preserve its relations with Turkey, they have made agreements to arrest militant Kurds. (...) Since 2007, there have been multiple arrests, invasive searches, and trials in France, and during the visit of Claude Guéant (Minister of the Interior at the time) there was signed in Turkey an agreement for the extradition of Kurds. In Turkey, the young Kurds no longer believe in democracy. Their mayors try to serve their cities, and militate for them, and are then arrested before their eyes.

Hum: What levers exist for change?

Fidan Dogan: This support for Ankara must cease, because it is contrary to the resolution of the Kurdish problem, (...) which is a problem for all the member states of the Council of Europe. Turkey is a member of this Council, along with 47 other states. (...) But Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, announces that he intends to continue relations with Turkey, a country he considers as very important. So he must have some continuity with the preceding government. This is what we fear. Relations with Turkey must not continue only along lines of commercial interest. The priority is for the cessation of aid to the Turkish government by arms sales and the Guéant security arrangements. Arrests in France must cease.

The link to the French original will not be available until 14-15 January.

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