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Food safety: Left Front deputies want mandatory labelling of food origins

Translated Wednesday 20 February 2013, by Kristina Wischenkamper

On Monday members of the Left Front announced that they had filed a bill for mandatory labelling of the country of origin for all agricultural products and foodstuffs, whether raw or processed.

"Recording abuses and punishing fraud can’t be the only responses", said André Chassaigne, president of the Left Front group at the National Assembly, in a statement referring to the horse meat scandal that involves all of Europe.

The statement continues: "Above and beyond commercial corruption, we are seeing the consequences of numerous years of political disengagement: abandonment of the regulation of the agricultural sector, deregulation of trade related to food processing and distribution, declining budgets and human resources allocated for food safety and the fight against fraud ".

Furthermore, the agricultural modernization law of 2010 allowed for the possibility of introducing labelling of the country of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs, yet "this was never translated into law".

In addition to mandatory labelling, the text filed on Monday also announces the presentation of a report by 30 June, 2013, on "the means necessary for health and safety inspections and fraud prevention" and "compliance with the authentication of the origin of foodstuffs. "

See (in French) the texts of Deputé Chassaigne’s statement, and of the proposed law.

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