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by Hervé Fuyet

About Strausskhanism

Translated Saturday 16 March 2013, by Hervé Fuyet

About strausskhanism!

I believe that March 8 would have been a good moment to let people know what is the analysis of L’Huma on the DSK affairs!

The following article deals partly with DSK :


Here is an excerpt of the article:

Transatlantic solidarity of indignants– women and men, black or white, has debunked the pinkish stucco statue of DSK, but, as we have said, strauskhaniens still strut and strausskhanism is still alive ! Strausskhanism is indeed a pervert virus in the software of the left, a disguised form of the neo-colonial imperialism, it is the senile disease of the soft left !

We consider Strausskhanism as the enemy of the spirit of Frantz Fanon and the best tool of neocolonialism. And it is a black woman, a peasant that becomes an immigrant proletarian, to who some sanctimonious hypocrites ask to be perfect to be credible, who has lifted the veil on that wound.

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