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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Quelques observations sur notre journal l’Humanité !

by Pierre Kulemann

Some comments on our newspaper Humanité!

Translated Wednesday 24 April 2013, by Chrysanthie Therapontos

Some comments on our newspaper Humanité!
Submitted on April 17, 2013 - 15:42 by Pierre Kulemann.
These comments are intended to help to improve the newspaper Humanité. While sometimes a bit critical, it is to help, not hurt!

Patrick Le Hyaric, director of Humanité in his request for money to Humanité writes:
"it is however not true that there exists an" all-digital" alternative economic model, as large groups, large oligopolies like Google, or some State circles, would like to impose on us."

How can he seriously advance such an untruth!

Mediapart, for example, in just a few years, won more paying subscribers than the amount kept by Humanité. According to Wikipedia, digital New York Times has more than 30 million readers per month. New York Times still has a paper version in some U.S. cities, but most readers read the digital version.

This is a complex and controversial topic (only our ineffable Le Hyaric thinks he knows the truth on this topic)! The potential savings of space, printing, postage, etc. are considerable. The possible increase in the number of readers, especially among young people is considerable. Le Hyaric says "While working to develop an efficient digital platform ....". Many comrades agree that, compared with the French and foreign press, the results are very disappointing in this respect. This is probably more due to the lack of management’s enthusiasm than the undeniable dedication of the web team of Humanité who are not really given the means.

2) Investigative Journalism is a great communist tradition. Karl Marx was a journalist at Die Kölnische Zeitung and later at New York Tribune. He was not afraid to be involved in controversy with the "world leaders". Why did Humanité remain silent in the Dominique Strauss Khan case, and write on Cahuzac after everyone. It probably did lose a lot of readers. Why these taboos imposed on journalists of Humanité? To ask a fashionable question: since when did the management of Humanité and of the Party know that DSK and Cahuzac lied to the whole world?

3) Volunteer correspondents in France and also abroad could significantly enhance the coverage of Humanité. This is another great tradition of communist journalism which seems much neglected. English has become the main language of communication; it would require coordination of translations from English into French, among other languages.

4) The Communist foreign press (Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, Russian, Greek, etc.), which often has a version in English and sometimes in French could greatly enrich our Humanité. Patrick Le Hyaric places great emphasis on left pluralism of Humanité. This is not so clear, especially at the international level.

5) Here is another discouraging example. DSK and Cahuzac cases forced the government to adopt minimum "transparency" measures .Public opinion polls show strong support for these measures and a desire to go much further. Probably it will not eliminate corruption more than police does eliminate crime. On the other hand, the attitude of Humanité and the Party in this regard (and that of Mélanchon too) is at the very least mixed, ironic and even chilly!
Yet it was an opportunity for Le Hyaric, Laurent Cohen-Seat etc. to declare their assets publicly in order to show that Communists at least lead an exemplary life of voluntary simplicity!
They may do that tomorrow in Humanité!

6) In making these comments, I’m just relaying some of the questions that readers of Humanité often ask me. The goal is to help through our constructive criticism. Indeed, what is the point of giving once again money to Humanité if there is not at least a beginning of improvement? I think we have indeed a great need of a definitely communist newspaper, but open to various left currents in France and abroad.

Let’s support Humanité with our comments and money. Humanité is irreplaceable and I admire the quality of the papers of our journalists and their dedication! Regarding the management of Humanité, I hope they do not lead our newspaper into bankruptcy.

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