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Kong Dongmei: On the shoulders of Giants

Translated Wednesday 15 May 2013, by Hervé Fuyet

Comment on
Mao’s granddaughter a millionaire

Kong Dongmei: On the shoulders of Giants

An article is published in "China Daily" : Kong Dongmei: On the shoulders of giants (Kong Dongmei: sur les épaules des géants)

The article shows that Dong, granddaughter of Mao, out of political conviction and family spirit, decided to open a publishing house centered on her grandfather works and life. The initiative is a great success and the publishing house becomes "rich"!

The China Daily article is caricatured by Le Nouvel Observateur, a French, "petit-bougeois" and anticommunist weekly that makes fun of Dongmei because she (in fact her publishing house) became "rich" with the writings of her grandfather

Unfortunately, our French daily L’Humanité article on the subject reproduces partly the Nouvel Observateur rather than taking its info from "China Daily"!

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