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Germany: An SPD-Green-Die Linke majority would have been possible

Translated Saturday 28 September 2013, by Harry Cross

This Monday, the French Front de Gauche heavily criticised the behaviour of the SPD and the Greens who could have formed with Die Linke a strong majority in the Bundestag with 42.7% of votes and 319 seats in total.

The CDU of Angela Merkel took 41.5% of votes and 311 seats in the legislative election on Sunday. “The SPD and the Greens refuse in principle any coalition with Die Linke, which has now emerged as the third political force in the country. This is a choice which betrays the needs of the popular classes of Germany and Europe” announced the Party of the European Left and the PCF in a communiqué.

“Bad news for the people of Europe”

“Angela Merkal, with the complicity of other governments and the Troika, has forced the application of austerity throughout Europe with an iron hand. She has used the strength of her country to protect the interests of finance and to protect those responsible for the crisis. She has been at the origin of a campaign of ideological intoxication against the south of Europe which has been divisive and strengthened the far right. Her re-election is good news for finance, but bad news for the people of Europe,” concluded the PEL, whose president is Pierre Laurent of the PCF.

The French Left Party is expressing the same tone, decrying in a statement that: “Mrs Merkel is able to win by default. The SPD could have chosen to create a majority alliance with Die Linke and the Greens. But, fixed in its expectation of a coalition with the right and its submission to liberalism, it cannot even envision such a Pink-Red-Green alliance. As with the Ayrault government in France, the Left is unable to rally around the SPD with the policies it proposes: rather, allied with the right-wing and German capitalists it divides the left. The important lesson of the German vote is that social-liberalism is the gravedigger of the left and is no longer of any public use.

64 parliamentarians elected

In contrast, the PCF and the Left Party welcome the strong score of Die Linke (8.6% of the vote and 64 parliamentarians elected). “After what can appropriately be deemed the abdication of the SPD, it comes down to Die Linke to take on the role of leader of the left and to propose an anti-austerity strategy, independently of the parties that submit to austerity”, insisted the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “The other forces in the PEL will be at its side to continue to advance the alternative, in our respective countries as well as on the European level”, concluded the statement of the PEL.

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