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Retirement: the CGT, FO, FSU and Solidaires to Mobilize in Paris on October 10 and 15

Translated Tuesday 8 October 2013, by Gene Zbikowski

The Ile de France regional organizations of four trade union confederations – the CGT, FO, FSU, and Solidaires – are calling for a rally in front of the Ministry for Labor on Oct. 10, and another at the pont de la Concorde on Oct. 15 to oppose the retirement reform that will be debated in the National Assembly on those days.

For the four trade union confederations, following the Sept. 10 day of mobilization, pressure must be put on the deputies when the retirement reform bill is debated at the National Assembly on Oct. 7-11, and when it votes the bill on Oct. 15, before it goes to the Senate.

On Thursday Oct. 10, there will be “an all-trades rally, punctuated by a press conference in front of the Ministry for Labor, beginning at 12:30.”

On Tuesday Oct. 15, “a day of mobilization” is planned “with a rally and a regional demonstration at 12:30, starting from St. Augustin in the eighth arondissement of Paris.” The press communiqué adds that “The demonstrators will join the united rally, initiated by FO, on the pont de la Concorde, opposite the National Assembly.”

“The parliamentary debate on retirement, which begins on Oct. 7, must be turned into an opportunity for the workers to make themselves heard,” state the four trade union confederations, which are calling for rejection of “the counter-reform of retirement.” Joint calls to mobilize have already been issued in the outlying départements of France, according to the communiqué.

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