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Racism: National Front Candidate Discovers Her Party’s True Face

Translated Wednesday 6 November 2013, by Gene Zbikowski

Nadia Portheault, maiden name Djelida, was a National Front [1] candidate in the municipal elections in Saint-Alban, a Toulouse suburb. A victim of too many racist slurs, which she is denouncing, she and her husband are turning in their FN party member cards. The FN says it has been slandered and is filing a complaint against its former candidate.

“You and your children are good for the [crematorium] oven,” a National Front départemental cadre is said to have told Nadia Portheault. The former National Front candidate, who is of Algerian origin, chose the weekly newspaper la Voix du Midi to condemn “a gap between the discourse of Marine (Le Pen) and the rank-and-file activists.” She speaks of a “permanent ambiguity between the show window and a back shop specialized in dubious jokes about Arabs and homosexuals, which was no longer bearable.” She also cites an activist who said his brother wears a swastika tattoo and who said he was “proud to be the son of a Nazi,” and another who is said to have told her, like a threat, that “all the Arabs have to be killed.”

Despite a motivated initial campaign, after having handed out hundreds of leaflets, manned stands, and been put forward by National Front public relations as a symbol of the party’s openness, Nadia Portheault and her husband Thierry have left slamming the door and deploring the lack of a reaction from the party leadership… up to now, because her statements in the press finally made the départemental secretary of the National Front, Julien Leonardelli, react. He categorically rejected the couple’s accusations. A complaint for defamation is being drawn up – the Portheaults “will have to answer in court and prove what they say,” he told the Agence France Presse.

For his part, Serge Laroze, the National Front candidate for mayor of Toulouse, deplored the incident without denying it in La Voix du Midi. “In any human group, there’s going to be excessive behaviour, you can’t control everybody.”

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