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Another March for “A Fair Tax System” in Paris on February 8

Translated Tuesday 28 January 2014, by Gene Zbikowski

The Stop VAT Collective, which brings together some 20 parties, associations and trade unions, like the Left Front, Attac, The Dismayed Economists, Solidaires, and the New Anti-Capitalist Party, is calling for another national day of mobilization “against the VAT hike and for a fair tax system.”

“On the day following a press conference in which the French president took responsibility for an acceleration in the free-trade course of his policies, and for additional give-aways to the big bosses, the ‘No to the VAT Hike collective’ officially launched its campaign and its means of mobilizing against the hike in the value added tax and for a united, ecological and fair tax system,” the collective writes in a press release.

The collective thus proposes holding “a vast grass-roots campaign throughout France, [forming] united local collectives on the question, and [holding] a national day of mobilizations and demonstrations, including a demonstration in Paris, on February 8.”

Petition and Post Cards

This day of mobilization follows the December 1, 2013 demonstrations which brought out several tens of thousands of demonstrators during a march outside the Ministry of the Economy and Finances.

According to the collective, “a petition, which has already been signed by almost 11,000 people, will serve as the basis for this campaign, in the form of post cards sent to the presidential palace and to a website (stop-tva.fr)."

The signers of the call: Solidaires [trade union confederation], Attac, Fondation Copernic, UFAL, Economistes atterrés, Femmes Egalité, Les Effronté-e-s, Féministes pour une autre Europe, MNCP, DAL, APEIS, Mpep, Front de Gauche [Left Front], NPA [New Anti-Capitalist Party], Résistance Sociale.

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