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by Patrick Apel-Muller

Welcome to a New "l’Humanité"

Translated Wednesday 16 April 2014, by Isabelle Métral

L’Humanité is up against several challenges. First the difficulty for newspapers to sail through the current economic maelstrom, then the fast changes as regards access to modes of communication.
Our option is to make the most of the advantages inherent in the use of our medium, the written word, in order to bring to light the meaning below the surface and offer an in-depth view of “the news” that can contribute to the construction of a coherent thought.

Parallel to the written edition an updated internet site is to be set up on an ambitious digital platform that will benefit from the skills of the whole editorial staff – the editors being, from now on, in the service of both media.

Our ambition - to take up poet René Char’s phrase - is to serve “the transhumance of the written word” in order to satisfy a wider readership and meet their demand for the confrontation of different models of transformation, for analyses of society that open up ways to transform it, for thinking up both the social question and a sustainable development strategy, the re-founding of democracy and the demand for equality, the aspiration to fraternity and new forms of solidarity. At a time when France seems to be in want of a future, where those in power refuse to hear the demands of the people, a bold challenge lies before us: to promote new ideas and give them pride of place in our Huma.

This involves breaking away with the deafening flood of news released as profusely as undiscriminatingly, bringing added value to the news items, carefully reforming the style in order to refine the narrative. These exigencies being the heart and core of the journalist’s craft.

As we prepare to celebrate the hundred and tenth anniversary of l’Humanité on April 18th, we are determined to follow in the trail blazed by Jean Jaurès in the service of a committed press, open to controversy, that courageously “seeks truth and tells the truth”, a daily that will ban all the lies of the neo-liberal, one-track mode of thought and of the forces of money, and pursue the goal defined for its fight by its founder:, namely the quest for, and advent of Humanity.

This paper could never have survived without its readers’ support. Its future cannot be defined without them. By circulating it widely, each can open it up to new companionships, new spaces and fields, and add force to their ideas.

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