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by José Fort

Israel-Palestine: Hollande chooses his side

Translated Saturday 12 July 2014, by Michael Peters

By expressing “France’s solidarity” with Israel under the pretext of rocket attacks coming from Gaza, without uttering a single word about the bombings, killings, round-ups and racist attacks in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, the French President has just implicated our country in an illegal operation against a people fighting for its survival – the Palestinian people. Worse still, by declaring that it is up to “the Israeli government to use any means necessary to protect its population faced with these threats”, the French President is inciting war. It is no longer a case of simple complicity but is an official implication of France on the side of the Israeli Right. From now on, Paris is no longer agreeing with the diplomatic formulas which describe Israeli actions as “disproportionate”. Paris is openly playing the card of conflict, destruction, death and mass imprisonment. The French authorities accept that French citizens are joining a foreign army (the Israeli army) which therefore violates international laws. They accept a wall nearly 700 kilometres in length, the construction of which was condemned by international bodies. They accept the apartheid established in the occupied West Bank. They accept and incite war while every effort should be targeting the end of the violence and the building of peace.
Francois Hollande has chosen his side. It is not that of the Israeli pacifists and certainly not that of the martyred, torn apart and repressed Palestinian people.

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