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For Peace in Ukraine, against Fascism, against NATO: Breaking the media silence in France!

Call for Peace in Ukraine

Translated Friday 1 August 2014

Participants at the meeting of July 4 with Danielle Bleitrach in Venissieux, organized by the French Communist Party (PCF), section of Vénissieux, asked the Peace Movement to organize a public initiative for peace in Ukraine, denouncing fascism and the role of NATO and the USA in the crimes committed against a defenseless people in the Donbass, denouncing the role of the IMF and gas interests in the destruction of the economy of the whole Ukraine.

All progressive and peace organizations are invited to make known the terrible reality of the war that our media have once again described as a police operation, as the defense of democracy against terrorism, in an intolerable propaganda. On the contrary, all the pieces of evidence on site that are multiplying confirm that they are civilians, families, children who are victims of fascist militia and of an army firing heavy weapons and bomb against its own people. Many statements, including from U.S. officials, confirm that it is the geostrategic interests of the major Powers are at work, and that the people of Ukraine are and will be victims.

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