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Michèle Decaster abucted once again in Morocco

Translated Wednesday 13 August 2014, by Harry Cross

Michèle Decaster was abducted yesterday in Tangier, Morocco, according to members of local Marxist political party Democratic Voice. The secretary of the French Association for Friendship and Solidarity with the People of Africa (AFASPA) was forced to enter an unmarked car while she was taking part in a demonstration outside the tribunal of Tangier where two leaders of Democratic Voice, Wafaa Charag and Boubker El Khallichi are on trial. Charaq, a participant of the 20 February movement (part of the Arab Spring), was arrested in July and charged with defamation for having revealed that she had herself been abducted in April. Michèle Decaster is extremely active in the struggle for the rights of the Sahrawi people (West Sahara) and had already been abducted for several hours last Wednesday by Moroccan security forces. Her account of this first abdication was published on the l’Humanité website.

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