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by Anne-Sophie Novel, expert in the sharing economy

"Let’s innovate, don’t be afraid of failure"

Translated Monday 20 October 2014, by Katie Gibson

"Like everyone else, I’m trying to see this crisis as an opportunity to reinvent myself." This comes from young people. They have grown up in the context of the crisis. And despite this, many have managed to innovate, to try social entrepreneurship rather than traditional entrepreneurship for example, to put in place initiatives that make sense for them. Moreover, when you’re in a system under pressure, you don’t have any choice but to find solutions, such as frugal innovation (jugaad) (1), the circular economy, the functional economy... These are promising avenues, avenues to be explored. Don’t be afraid of failure. To confront reality and realise that your initial idea doesn’t work - that’s a form of reinvention. Whatever highly powerful technologies we have, they may keep us afloat, but alone they’re not enough to pull us out of the slump. The role of the elite also needs to be reviewed, not just the way we train them but also their understanding of the world. I believe they’re completely disconnected from what’s going on on the ground. The day they manage to understand the power of innovation and the expectations of the people, maybe they’ll be in a position to better understand how to take on their role in the 20th century."

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