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L’Humanité in English

J.H. Unemployment :France’s socialist prime...

Translated Monday 3 November 2014, by Anne Sanders

J.H. Unemployment: France’s socialist prime minister Manuel Valls steps up to admit to his failure on employment


Thursday 30th October 2014
Yesterday the prime minister acknowledged that he has not succeeded in “making a difference” on unemployment.

Yesterday the prime minister acknowledged that he has not succeeded in “making a difference” on unemployment. “The French people should always be told the truth. François Rebsamen (his Minister for Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue) said that we were failing on unemployment, when the number of unemployed has been running at several million for years, so we must unfortunately accept that we have not succeeded in making a difference,” said Manuel Valls, speaking on the French radio station, RTL.

He was referring to remarks made by Monsieur Rebsamen who made this assessment last Friday, 24th October, following the announcement of a new record 3.43 million unemployed in metropolitan France. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to bring into question current government policy. Manuel Valls added: “At the same time, (François Rebsamen) did say – I cannot recall the entire speech – that we were doing all that we could, specifically to combat unemployment.” Monsieur Rebsamen stated yesterday, with reference to this situation, that he “hopes for a turnaround by the middle of 2015”.

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