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Speculation and tax havens: playing fast and loose with unemployment money.
Auditors have delved into the murky depths of the French unemployment insurance debt. Their enquiry reveals that the holders of this debt, who each year are paid 400 million (...)
The Élysée Palace: Emmanuel Macron, from denial to contempt
The President champions a mythicised vision of the country, but remains silent on current industrial action; during a televised interview, he denies that protesters have any (...)
Diaz-Canel, the scion of the Cuban Revolution
The iconic leader Raul Castro has passed the baton to his vice president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who was elected on Thursday by the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power. They (...)
International Communist and Labor Press
Karl Marx at 200
Marx is back. For his 200th birthday, the socialist revolutionary’s bearded image is popping up everywhere. Books, seminars, and conferences devoted to his legacy and enduring (...)
International Communist and Labor Press
How Xi Jinping’s Marxism Out-thinks the West
The Hamburg G20 summit was a further stage in a process that has been developing strongly during the 2017: a recognition that a new stage in China’s international ‘though (...)

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