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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: La stratégie du coup d’État permanent

by Jean Ortiz

Venezuela Up Against the Strategy Of a Permanent Coup

Translated Thursday 26 February 2015, by Isabelle Métral

On February 12th junior officers of the National Bolivarian Forces defused an attempted coup by high-ranking Air Force officers and civilians in connection with the Far-Right Primero Justicia organization.

Since the short-lived coup against Hugo Chavez in April 2002, Venezuela has been confronted with what might be called "a permanent coup", a strategy as obvious as it is cynical, an implacable, "low-intensity" war under US supervision and planning. The State Department spokesperson, Jan Paski, dismissed Venezuelan accusations against the US as being “ridiculous”: Caracas, it claims, cries wolf when actually there is none. The aim being to undermine the well-founded and proven fears of the Bolivarian revolution and lull the vigilance of the Venezuelan people and its international supporters..

The putsch scenario, plotted in the US, is implemented by a heinous, revengeful opposition that was kept informed of the preparations for the coup. This opposition coalition (or MUD) groups together all parties from the Far Right to the Social-Democrats. Its aim is to destabilize, divide and defeat the Chavist forces by all possible means.

To destabilize the economy and wage an ideological war

The economic war consists in illegally hoarding foods, medecines, health products for speculative purposes… Frenzied speculation, prices rising, smuggling… are so many ways of causing shortages of goods, and so of provoking anger and looting. Though the Chavists are in office, the economy is mostly in the hands of the bosses and of the Right. Worse still, an international financial embargo is gradually being implemented against Caracas.

Parallel to this economic destabilization, an unceasing ideological war is being waged thorough disinformation, lies, manipulation, fake opinion polls, in order to inspire and spread defeatism at home and sully the country’s image abroad, to isolate it, to give it a bad reputation (“expert” propagandists have thus branded Venezuela with the highest “risk” mark.)

All these means encourage violent strategies, fueled by sabotaging, massive infiltration of paramilitary groups through the Colombian border (they are now disseminated all over the country, including the capital), the murder of Chavist leaders, like young Robert Serra, and so on. The government has published visual evidence (videos, photos) showing meetings between US embassy diplomats and opposition leaders, officers…

President Maduro, surrounded by his military and administrative staff, denounced the attempted coup and the US diplomats’repeated interference.He called on Venezuelans to reinforce the country’s defense and protection: Venezuelan ambassadors abroad have been invited not to desert their posts.

The opposition is largely financed by the CIA, “foundations” made in the US (Usaid, NED…) or in Spain (Aznar). Eventually this boosts the Salida (eviction) operation directed against the legitimate president, Nicolas Maduro, an operation initiated with bloody “guarimbas” (barricades) that held out until the spring of 2014. They are now working towards their hoped-for final victory. The US is pulling out all the stops and is set on seeing the plan through.

Among other things, the defused putsch involved bombing strategic centres in the capital by a foreign “Super Tucano” plane (of the EMB-314B1 model) re-painted with the colours of Venezuela. This plane (matriculation number N314TG) belongs to the US mercenary agency Blackwater Worldwide, also known as Academi, specialized in the recruitment and training of mercenaries for targeted operations abroad.

And Exit Visa and piles of dollars for the plotters

The plan involved plotters most of whom have since been arrested. The officers implicated were in contact with the US embassy; they had been granted an exit visa, just in case, and piles of dollars. Air lieutenant-general Oswaldo Hernandez Sanchez, and deputy Julio Borges, head of the Primero Justicia party, seem to have been the main instigators of the putsch, with the support of a network of members of the active service force or former members that had been dismissed, and civilians, among whom Antonio Ledezma, the mayor of the capital, and former member of the Social Democratic party. Are also implicated Colonel José Suarez Romulo, Major-General Cesar Arnoldo Perez Carrero, captain Hector Jose Noguera Figueroa (on the run), and first lieutenants Peter Alexander Moreno Guevara, Carlos Esqueda, and Wilfredo Castillo, as well as Lieutenant Ricardo Jose Antich Zapata and Henry Javier Salazar Moncada, etc.

A plot carried out by a vengeful, heinous opposition

The “golpe” (coup) was to have been preceded by the publication of a manifesto calling for the constitution of a provisory government. UNASUR Latin-Amercan countries and their general secretary Ernesto Samper, former “liberal” president of Colombia, have reasserted their support to Venezuela in the face of US interference. Ernesto Samper voiced the UNASUR’s concern over the “dangerous escalation of violence” against the Venezuelan democracy.

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