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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: La troublante valse des étiquettes

by Aurélien Soucheyre

The troubling waltz of affiliation

Translated Saturday 9 May 2015, by Adrian Jordan

The interior ministry has introduced classifications which, in many cases, do not respect political allegiances and undermine open scrutiny.

The real results of Left Front candidates may be difficult to see at first glance during the departmental elections. This is a fault caused by the interior ministry’s decision not to put the exact political affiliation of candidates on lists, and creates the risk of not portraying the real political landscape. Numerous PCF and Left Front candidates thus find themselves with the same label “miscellaneous left”, “miscellaneous” or “united left” (319 cases). The ministry also decided that a single coalition PCF-PG would be called “Left Front”, the PCF-Ensemble coalition varies, sometimes being called ”miscellaneous left”, for example. In Oise, the ministry makes no designation of Left Front, even though it has a candidate in every canton. The 192 coalitions of Left Front and Europe Ecology – Greens - find themselves also named “miscellaneous left” in the prefecture, without reflecting the reality of that alliance. Finally, PCF candidates, previously presented under the label “communists”, sometimes find themselves reclassified as “extreme left”, to say nothing of the category of “united left”, wrongly attributed because a PS candidate was among the group.

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