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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Clémentine Autain : "Une recomposition se prépare"

by L’Humanité

Clémentine Autain: "A reconstruction underway"

Translated Monday 25 May 2015, by Adrian Jordan

For the Ensemble spokesperson of the group Ensemble, "Our responsibility is to convince all those who have not yet given up hope of changing their lives, to recognize the necessity of forming a united force”.

We are up against the wall in terms of our historical responsibilities. The political crisis we are going through is unlike any other. We have to respond to a double challenge: to reconstruct the left in our country, defeated by the failures of high expectations of the 20th century and by the more recent collapse of social democracy in Europe; to quell the distrust of the political world (expressed by the disquieting rate of abstention) and to rid people’s minds of the idea that “everything’s rotten”. Faced with blurred lines and immense disappointment, we must take on the task of reconstruction which lies ahead.

A reconstruction is in the making: it will not be the fruit of a summit between constituent parties but the result of a new coherence in social and cultural political fields, of a convergence of that which emerges from reasoning and critical action within society. Our broken left, ruptured, searches for identity and strategy in the 21st century. We have solid foundations which will allow us to succeed in our efforts, if only we unite and reinvent, and not fall into the current trap of the interminable search for a completely united left.

Only a brand new political arena can enable the convergence of these forces

While government policy feeds the despair which expands the territory of the Front National, the PS asks us to back their party claiming it intends to curb the rise of the extreme right. As if division was responsible for failure of the left at the ballot on Sunday and not government policy. As if it was not the direction of the PS which divided the left but other movements who remained faithful to the historical values on which they were founded. As if reuniting behind François Hollande and Manuel Valls would subdue the cause of the anger and ameliorate our lives. Thus, with the heralded arrival of tripartite politics which is nothing but a mirage and the very real perpetual threat of the return of the right and possible victory for the FN, we are ordered to give ourselves body and soul in alliance with those who made us lose. That path is mortifying for the left and for the people.

Our responsibility is to convince all those who have not yet given up hope of changing their lives, to recognize the necessity of forming a united force. Only a brand new political arena - open to society, with a plan for social and ecological transformation - can allow the union of all these forces wishing to build a plan and a strategy for an emancipating left. The Chantiers d’espoir (Workshops of Hope), with their high point of 11 April, should help. But this is just a start...

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