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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: 11 personnalités s’engagent dans le combat pour l’égalité

by Latifa Madani

11 celebrities engage in the fight for equality

Translated Wednesday 27 May 2015, by Adrian Jordan

As demonstrated by the celebrities supporting our “fight for equality”, there is the principle and then there is the reality, namely the capacity to access essential needs: housing, health services, employment, culture... How, they demand, can you participate in civic life and the exercise of democracy, when you cannot meet your basic needs. Nor exercise essential rights. Well yes, they explain, the fight for equality is vital and crucial.

Equality, the second word of the motto of the French Republic - without which, as Pierre Tartakowsky wrote, “nothing would be possible” - is undergoing a full scale ideological attack. Equality, we are told, is a society in which those who produce more wealth than average find themselves relieved of the difference to the profit of those who produce less. Equality would be “laziness benefit”, the negation of talents and homogenisation. The impetus behind this offensive is the justification of inequality as natural and accordant with the merits of each person. Measures of social justice and rights are redubbed “handouts”. Victims of inequality are called “scroungers” or “cheats”.

In the liberal capitalist society which deliberately muddles equality and homogenisation, the only equality which counts is “everything is a commodity”.

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