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Immigration: Judge blocks Obama’s reform; Republicans cheer

Translated Monday 1 June 2015, by Spencer Russ

Undocumented immigrants residing in the United States had been hoping for an improvement in their situation following President Obama’s Autumn 2014 announcement of a regularization plan. Instead, they have been asked once again to suffer in silence.

On Tuesday evening, a Federal Court of Appeals in effect confirmed a Texas court’s verdict, which had suspended the President’s reform project on the eve of its coming into force, at the request of 26 (mostly Republican) States.

The Obama administration filed an appeal last March with the Fifth Court of Appeals in New Orleans in an attempt to save this legislative text.

Presented by Barack Obama on Novmber 20th, 2014, it had envisaged providing three-year work permits for nearly five million people with illegal status. The law in itself, however, had affected less than half of the 11 million people residing ’illegally’ in the country. (Official Bulletin)

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