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According to Pierre Laurent the left will be present in the second round in 2017

Translated Friday 19 June 2015, by Adrian Jordan


“I do not imagine, for one second, a second round without a left candidate” declared the national secretary of the PCF (French Communist Party) in an interview at LCI and Radio Classique yesterday morning, referring to the presidential elections of 2017. He regretted “the manner in which the socialist executive is acting [which] each day increases” the risk of such absence. “To prevent this we must create an ambitious left wing manifesto”, he insisted. Pierre Laurent underlined the importance of motivating the working classes, the “millions of left wing men and women” who do not identify with the government’s politics of austerity and want “the return of real social policies”. When asked to name the party he will support in 2017, he explained “whatever happens, it will be representative of the Left Front, of all those in the left who oppose the politics of Valls and Hollande.” cp

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