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Nicolas Sansu: "We must argue against the addiction to liberal ideology"

Translated Friday 19 June 2015, by Adrian Jordan

“A left wing union addressing the debt problem is possible. Provided the right questions are asked: supporting public policies which will let us find new growth that is friendlier to the environment and strengthens the labour market. Now, these cannot exist unless we leave behind recessionary policies. The other theme shared by the left is the correlation between the escalation of debt and protection of the rich. This is not acceptable for the Left Front, nor the ecologists, nor real socialists. To progress there must be real debate over the role of the financial markets. Must we follow their instructions to heal our economy? A debate is necessary because of the addiction to liberal ideology, shared by – unfortunately - the social democrats, who defend the principle of “quantitative easing”. The buying back of bonds by the Central European Bank certainly helps to save face but it feeds speculation and risks creating new bubbles ready to burst.”

Nicolas Sansu. French Communist Party – Left Front (France)

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