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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: un gouvernement « inefficace » pour sept français sur dix

by L’Humanité

An “inefficient government” for seven out of ten French people

Translated Thursday 24 September 2015, by Adrian Jordan

Manuel Valls has truly hammered home the idea that his policies are the only ones that count, though 69 percent of French people judge his government to be “economically inefficient”, according to a poll by Odoxa, published in Le Parisien, Sunday. The Socialist Party, whose leaders continue to carry the liberal flag, also pays the price. The people interviewed also thought that the party was not “innovative” (86 percent), nor “close to the people” (78 percent), nor “unifying” (84 percent), nor gifted with “profound convictions” (68 percent). The scorn is not softened amongst its own supporters, since one in two consider it is “not far enough to the left”, as opposed to 45 percent who consider its positioning “balanced”. If one asks where the prime minister finds his supporters, they accounted for 36 percent of those counted in that poll.

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