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EELV- Europe-Écologie-les Verts “The left-wing-opposition has reached an impasse”, says Emmanuelle Cosse

Translated Sunday 10 January 2016, by Anne Sanders

Following a modest 6.8 % result in the regional elections for the Europe Écologie-les Verts – the Europe Ecology-the Greens party - and in advance of their congress in June, Emmanuelle Cosse, their national secretary, has just commented on l’Obs.com that “the left-wing opposition has reached an impasse".

You can be against a certain number of things, but just being ‘anti’ everything is not enough, you must suggest credible alternatives”. His comments come on the eve of the national federal council meeting, planned for Saturday and Sunday in Paris. This will take place in difficult circumstances for the EELV, which has seen several of its leading figures keeping their distance. Such as Eric Schultz, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, who on his blog compares the EELV to “a dead star”. Or Jean-Paul Besset, former MEP at the founding of the EELV, who has also turned his back on the movement, saying it is “shackled by its left-wing roots”, and “has sunk too low to be able to rise again, as is too damaged, too discredited and has lost all credibility”. G.R.

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